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About Durango Music & Electronics




The #1 source of audio and video equipment

Durango Music & Electronics offers various types of products and services for all the audio and video needs of customers from Durango, CO. Our professional crew can safely install and maintain low voltage systems like structured wiring systems, home theater systems and HDMI audio cables and accessories. We also carry a large inventory of products including high definition televisions, surveillance systems and car audio decks.

There's no better way to enhance the entertainment systems in your home or business than by having the right equipment. Our high-quality products are covered by warranties to ensure that you get what you pay for, and our crew is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure optimum enjoyment when we install equipment and accessories.

Our service area includes:

  • Bayfield, CO
  • Cortez, CO
  • Durango, CO
  • Pagosa Springs, CO (Metro)
Jack Cable - Audio and Video Equipment in Durango, CO

Order audio and video equipment now!

We carry products from well-known brands like Samsung, LG and Panasonic.
Stop by our store or call us for an installation service. Together with our owner, John Benner, we are happy to take your inquiries.